Sunshine eco With Mobile Charging Facility.
Contains:-1 x Charge Control unit includes 5000mAH dry battery, 3 x 3W LED Tube, 1 x Solar Panel with 5-meter wire, AC adapter for on-grid charging.
• Portable home lightning solution
• Engineered tube lights for efficient brightness
• USB charging facility to charge your mobile anywhere, anytime
• Auto switching facility provides luxury to “AUTO LIGHT ON” at night
• Charging facility provided by both Solar panel/Adapter
• Compact design to make it portable
• Independent tube switching by switches
• Plug and play connections

Portable Lightning Solution
Go anywhere sun shine is with you

Make your living anywhere
Engineered Tube light for efficient brightness

High Efficient Solar Panel
Hi quality Solar Panel to charge Battery

Power Bank Facility
Now don’t care about mobile discharge, Just plug and charge anywhere

Day/Night Sensor
Intelligent Day/Night sensor gives luxury to automatic light ON at night

Charge device by anyway
Unit charging flexibility provided by both Solar panel and AC-DC adapter

Plug and Play0
Just connect and go enables easy setup anywhere

Independent Tube switching
Separate button for each load to control independently.

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Showing all 1 result